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What’s mates' rates?

We’ve partnered up with some of the best brands and local Australian businesses to offer our members exclusive discounts that can help save you thousands in everyday purchases! To access this, simply login to your members portal and view the instructions to claim your discount for a specific business.

How does the entry number system work?

Our new entry number system ensures complete transparency and peace of mind knowing your entry is being included in a giveaway. Every member gets allocated unique six digit entry combinations based on how many entries they have. If you have 5 entries you will receive 5 x 6 digit unique combinations in your members portal. At the time of a live draw, our team will reverse draw the winners starting from 3rd, 2nd and 1st. If your unique combination gets drawn, your name appears upon the digital screen where we will be giving you a call to let you know that you’ve just won. Simple.

What happens if I upgrade or downgrade my member ship tier?

Easy, if you upgrade or downgrade that won’t come to effect until the next billed month. Once that’s changed over you are now that membership level so you’ll be able to use all th benefits for that tier.

How do the entries work if I upgrade my membership?

If you’ve been a loyalty customer on the $19 plan for 5 months and then you upgrade to the $99 plan on your 6 month you’ll receive 15 entries. The system generates entries based on 2 factors the months your subscription is active and the highest tier that you are on. If you downgrade the system generates based on the higher tier you are on. Using the first example if you downgraded to the $19 plan for month 7, the system will generate 7 entries. But say you then upgraded back to the $99 plan on month 8, we will generate 26 entries for you.
Another example is, what if you then downgraded to the $49 plan. Using the examples above, on month 9 you will receive 18 entries, as the $99 plans are now generated at the same amount of entries as the current plan.

How does the loyalty membership work?

Loyalty members are automatically in every draw we have and your entries never expire for as long as you remain a member! Meaning if you’re a member for 5 months you have 5 entries into every draw… and we have about 2-5 draws per month.The perks don't end there! You also have access to 500+ Australian businesses offering you exclusive discounts to save you thousands in savings, as well as exclusive invitation to special events, milestone gifts, membership gifts and loyalty member only draws and much more!

To become a loyalty member just Click Here

How many entries do I get for signing up?

When you sign up you’ll be given 1 bonus entry. You’ll also get 1 entry every month when you are debited. The entries accumulate and never expire*

What does it mean that I’ve received an entry that contains numbers and letters?

We now allocate a combination of entries that contain letters and numbers. When your entries are generated you may recive these combination entries. Our first barrel will contest in numbered and letters balls.

Do I get notified or receive emails that my entry is into the upcoming draw?

We will send out your monthly invoice when you are debited, to keep track of your entries and what giveaways everything is managed within this members dashboard. You’ll be sent an email out with your random numbers for that specific giveaway and you’ll also get an email with the link to get Early Bird discounts.

Where do i view my entry numbers for a draw?

You can view your random numbers in the dashboard or you can check your emails as we send them out as well.

Is it direct debit or do I have to manually pay?

The Loyalty rewards are direct debit and you’ll be debited on the same date every month. Soif you sign up on the 10th you’ll be charged on the 10th of every month, so make sure you have funds in your account.

What happens if there’s no funds in the account?

If there are no funds in the account it will be put on hold and the system will attempt to reprocess the transaction. If it fails more than 5 times your account now could be cancelled and your accumulated entries will be forfeited. You can also head to Payment Details and retry the payment yourself.

What are the exclusive loyalty rewards draws and how do I enter?

The Loyalty Rewards draw is exclusive to our LM members and again you do not have to do anything. When a draw date comes along, we run the machine and the numbers that are randomly chosen are linked to our Loyalty Members and we show that person on the screen and call them straight away! Yes, we call all winners live!

Do I still win if I don't watch the live draw or answer my phone?

Yes, if your entry numbers are drawn you have 3 months to claim your win so don’t stress if you can’t answer instantly on the live draw, but we will keep calling you and emailing to let you know that you've won.

Do my accumulated entries reset after 12 months or after I win?

Your entry numbers as a member continue to build up every month even if you’ve won or hit 12 months of being a member! You can accumulate as many entries on an active membership account as you wish which will be automatically included into every draw! It’s a well worth long term investment for so little where you get to save money through our partner discounts, enter to win life changing prizes and help support Make A Wish Australia and our own charity Little Legends Foundation.

What happens if payment comes out during a promotion?

If a payment comes out during a promotion a number will be generated and emailed to you and it will also be visible in your members portal.

What happens if a payment comes out and I've already been given my numbers?

The system will instantly generate 1 x 6 digit unique combination for you for however many promotions we currently have running!

Where to send general inquiries?

If you have any queries, please send us an email at or contact us at 1300 683 688.

What is Once off Package Access Days remaining?

The counter on the desktop reflects the days left you have access to the discounts and offers from our official partners. This is based on your once off packages that you may have purchased. It has nothing to do with your loyalty subscription if you’re an ongoing member.

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If you have any queries, please send us an email at or contact us at 1300 683 688.